Kayak in production at Viestilehdet

Kayak system was successfully introduced for Viestilehdet at the beginning of June 2016. Viestilehdet Oy publishes one national newspaper and three magazines. National newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus is Finland’s second most-read subscription newspaper. Kayak system has replaced Anygraaf’s Cprofit system.

Petri Numminen, Sales Director from Viestilehdet Oy comments on the selection criteria and implementation project:

“Our goal was to renew our information system to better meet the requirements of digitalization and marketing in new channels without forgetting the basic needs of subscription marketing. Also, a criterion for selecting the system was the good integration capabilities so that other updated solutions in Viestilehdet would work well together as a whole. Furthermore, the possibility to automate different operative functions was a significant criterion. Kayak system met these requirements best. Kayak’s large user base and Jaicom’s demonstration of successful production implementation projects additionally affected the decision.

As someone who had already been a part of a similar implementation project, I could have trust in the succession of this project. And indeed, the project was executed as planned, on schedule and budget. In the future we will be able to further develop Kayak alongside other Jaicom’s customers and to benefit from development achieved in other projects.”

Aija Kurki, Project Manager from Jaicom describes the project:

“The production implementation project for Viestilehdet was clear and the need for additional development was relatively small. Conversion, or transfer of data, from the previous system into Kayak was the critical mission also in this project. Careful planning and testing of the conversion produced a successful outcome. Also, the commitment of key people and strict project management on both sides ensured the desirable outcome. We welcome Viestilehdet among our Kayak users.”

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