Kayak fully in production at Otavamedia magazines

Kayak system has been gradually introduced for Otavamedia magazines between 2017 and 2019. The last introduction phase was successfully executed at the beginning of June 2019 when the last of convertible subscriptions were moved into Kayak.

Jaana Nyström, Project Manager from Otavamedia tells about the context and events:

“The engine for Otavamedia’s previous subscription system was a customized legacy system Leka. The possibilities to develop it to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements had come to an end. Other Otavamedia systems had already been renewed and were renewed as part of Kayak’s introduction. That way the integration ability and the modern interfaces were an absolute requirement when choosing a new solution.

We chose Jaicom’s Kayak system as our new subscription system. It can be integrated into the comprehensive solutions so that the best functioning and the most cost-effective system can be used in each section. Jaicom’s references for both product and project execution in part gave confidence in the succession of the project. Kayak system was installed in a data center provided by Jaicom. This way Jaicom can manage the maintenance, backups and software issues and we can focus on our core business.

Also, we believe that the further development of the Kayak product and brainstorming alongside other magazine publisher customers of Jaicom will benefit all involved parties both feature and cost-wise.”

Aija Kurki, Project Manager from Jaicom describes the project:

“Otavamedia’s architecture consists of several different systems, integration of which into Kayak was one of the challenging tasks. The other significant task was the conversion where the data from Otavamedia’s Leka system was transferred to Kayak database. Both tasks were carried out well and dividing the introduction into stages helped tackle the biggest production disruptions.

During this project, several new magazine-focused marketing functions, targeted brochure distribution properties, and subscription gifts’ processing were developed for Kayak. These new properties have been the “salt” of new implementation projects as with them the system is developed customer-based and to genuinely represent business requirements. Cooperation with Otavamedia was excellent and all challenges faced during the project were solved in good spirits. It pleases me to welcome Otavamedia into the Jaicom Kayak family.”

In Finland, Otavamedia publishes 25 magazines and produces several staff and customer publications and online services. Kayak system replaced Otavamedia’s customized Leka system.

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