Kayak fully in production at Otavamedia magazines

Kayak system has been gradually introduced for Otavamedia magazines between 2017 and 2019. The last introduction phase was successfully executed at the beginning of June 2019 when the last of convertible subscriptions were moved into Kayak.

Jaana Nyström, Project Manager from Otavamedia tells about the context and events:

“The engine for Otavamedia’s previous subscription system was a customized legacy system Leka. The possibilities to develop it to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements had come to an end. Other Otavamedia systems had already been renewed and were renewed as part of Kayak's introduction. That way the integration ability and the modern interfaces were an absolute requirement when choosing a new solution.

We chose Jaicom’s Kayak system as our new subscription system. It can be integrated into the comprehensive solutions so that the best functioning and the most cost-effective system can be used in each section. Jaicom’s references for both product and project execution in part gave confidence in the succession of the project. Kayak system was installed in a data center provided by Jaicom. This way Jaicom can manage the maintenance, backups and software issues and we can focus on our core business.

Also, we believe that the further development of the Kayak product and brainstorming alongside other magazine publisher customers of Jaicom will benefit all involved parties both feature and cost-wise.”

Aija Kurki, Project Manager from Jaicom describes the project:

“Otavamedia’s architecture consists of several different systems, integration of which into Kayak was one of the challenging tasks. The other significant task was the conversion where the data from Otavamedia’s Leka system was transferred to Kayak database. Both tasks were carried out well and dividing the introduction into stages helped tackle the biggest production disruptions.

During this project, several new magazine-focused marketing functions, targeted brochure distribution properties, and subscription gifts’ processing were developed for Kayak. These new properties have been the “salt” of new implementation projects as with them the system is developed customer-based and to genuinely represent business requirements. Cooperation with Otavamedia was excellent and all challenges faced during the project were solved in good spirits. It pleases me to welcome Otavamedia into the Jaicom Kayak family.”

In Finland, Otavamedia publishes 25 magazines and produces several staff and customer publications and online services. Kayak system replaced Otavamedia’s customized Leka system.

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Kayak in production at Viestilehdet

Kayak system was successfully introduced for Viestilehdet at the beginning of June 2016. Viestilehdet Oy publishes one national newspaper and three magazines. National newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus is Finland’s second most-read subscription newspaper. Kayak system has replaced Anygraaf’s Cprofit system.

Petri Numminen, Sales Director from Viestilehdet Oy comments on the selection criteria and implementation project:

“Our goal was to renew our information system to better meet the requirements of digitalization and marketing in new channels without forgetting the basic needs of subscription marketing. Also, a criterion for selecting the system was the good integration capabilities so that other updated solutions in Viestilehdet would work well together as a whole. Furthermore, the possibility to automate different operative functions was a significant criterion. Kayak system met these requirements best. Kayak’s large user base and Jaicom’s demonstration of successful production implementation projects additionally affected the decision.

As someone who had already been a part of a similar implementation project, I could have trust in the succession of this project. And indeed, the project was executed as planned, on schedule and budget. In the future we will be able to further develop Kayak alongside other Jaicom’s customers and to benefit from development achieved in other projects."

Aija Kurki, Project Manager from Jaicom describes the project:

“The production implementation project for Viestilehdet was clear and the need for additional development was relatively small. Conversion, or transfer of data, from the previous system into Kayak was the critical mission also in this project. Careful planning and testing of the conversion produced a successful outcome. Also, the commitment of key people and strict project management on both sides ensured the desirable outcome. We welcome Viestilehdet among our Kayak users."

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Kayak in production at Russmedia, Austria

The first phase of the Kayak deployment project at Russmedia GmbH ended with successful production start at the end of 2017. Russmedia is an international media house headquartered in Schwarzach, Austria. In addition to the traditional print and distribution business, Russmedia is very active in utilizing new technologies. Russmedia has 1000 employees at 14 facilities across Europe.

Bernd Heregger from Vorarlberg Mail distribution company owned by Russmedia comments:
”We knew that it is risky to choose a system from a provider not established in the German market, but Jaicom's many years of experience, expertise, stress-resistant project team and our very intensive testing have contributed to a successful GoLive. The day we went live, there was not a single interruption, in terms of our work processes. Kayak's scalability, versatility and the engagement of the whole project team has helped to transform our operations quickly and smoothly. We are very pleased that the Jaicom team worked with us closely to achieve this and to enable us to receive the benefits of Kayak. So we are certain that also next project phase will be very successful.”

Aija Kurki, Project Manager from Jaicom comments:
“Project in a new market is an exciting challenge but from the start it was clear that Russmedia’s professional and dedicated project team makes this project successful. Project scope containing core Kayak, carrier management, new third-party integrations in new business environment and in new language area made this project truly different compared to last similar size of projects. During project there emerged bigger and smaller surprises which were all tackled with persistent and hardworking teams in both Russmedia’s and Jaicom’s sides. Jaicom’s team is happy to continue with Russmedia to extend Kayak use with new features in next project phases.”

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User conference in Gothenburg

Jaicom AB hosted a user conference in Gothenburt on 18th and 19th of October. Almost all of our newspaper customers were represented and the event was highly appreciated.
About the program can be mentioned a presentation by CEO of Jaicom, Jorma Ainassaari. He talked about Jaicom’s roadmap concerning new GDPR data law, which will come into effect in spring of 2018. Jorma also told a bit about the new developments of the next generation of Kayak.

Compost, a Jaicom partner in Sweden, was invited to speak about its Carma system, which is integrated with Kayak. It enables newspapers to send mail and text messages among other things to their customers. Sending can happen with specific selections and event-triggered triggers.

More than 1.6 million users in Sweden have signed up for Kivra in order to be able to receive their mail digitally. Large print supplier MediaService i Kristianstad and Samurajdata, partners to Jaicom, informed about the opportunity to send subscription invoices to customers via Kivra.

A significant amount of time was also devoted to presenting and informing about new versions of Kayak and KayakLite, as well as reviewing features which customers are able to purchase.

System changes required by the Data Protection Regulation

The EU’s Data Protection Regulation to take effect in May 2018 will set new obligations for data controllers.

In spring 2017, Jaicom launched the necessary measures to bring its data protection practices in line with the obligations set by the Data Protection Regulation. The required system changes have now been made to the Kayak Customer Management System, and the new capabilities will be included in the next system update.

The upcoming legislation also means that data controllers’ statutory policies will require updating. Jaicom will guide its customers in updating privacy policies related to subscription databases and registers this winter

Reinforcements on our sales team

Kimmo Laine, Account Manager at Jaicom’s parent company, LM Information Delivery, nowadays also works on Jaicom’s sales team.

Kimmo is well known among many publishers. For the past four years, he has managed LM Information Delivery’s publisher contracts and sales collaboration, for both the newspaper and magazine business and ePress and eMagz products. Kimmo, who has a business and technical background, will provide good support for the sales of both current and future Kayak products, and for developing the products together with customers.

Mariefreds Tidning switched to Kayak

Swedish Mariefreds Tidning has switched to Kayak SaaS in July 2017. Earlier they used TID2000 from Jaicom. Mariefreds Tidning is in the same database as Tidningen Gränslöst and manages subscriptions

NTM now runs Kayak

With its 12 titles, NTM is a major customer at Jaicom Ab. Previously, they run TID2000 on their 11 titles. Enköpings-Posten, which was taken over at the turn of the year 2016-2017, has previously used Kayak at NWT.

The project started in late 2016, and the implementation was carried out in four stages. First out were the newspapers in Gotland and UNT, which changed system in February 22nd. Thereafter, the switch took place with Enköpings-Posten in mid-March. Östgöta Media was then ready to start in mid-April, and finally, the newspapers in Norrland (NK, NSD and PT) were moved. This took place on May 18, 2017.

The entire project has been running as planned and held the set schedule.

NTM runs the system as SAAS solution, but with a dedicated server, and all titles are in one database. Addition to Kayak, NTM has also Kayak Lite in use.

NWT has started VF and Karlstad Tidningen in Kayak

After NWT's purchase of the newspapers Värmlands Folkblad and Karlstads Tidningen, these titles are now converted from Leissner's WebAbo to Kayak. These new titles run in the same database as other NWT titles.

The start of these titles in Kayak was April 25th, 2017.

Fria Tidningar have switched to Kayak

As ETC has taken over Fria Tidningar, five titles (Fria Tidningen, Göteborgs Fria, Landets Fria, Stockholms Fria and Sesam) have been converted to Kayak Subscription system. These newspapers are now in the same database as other ETC titles. The migration took place at the end of March 2017. Previously, Fria Tidningar used WebAbo from Leissner.