With its 12 titles, NTM is a major customer at Jaicom Ab. Previously, they run TID2000 on their 11 titles. Enköpings-Posten, which was taken over at the turn of the year 2016-2017, has previously used Kayak at NWT. The project started in late 2016, and the implementation was carried out in four stages. First out were the newspapers in Gotland and UNT, which changed system in February 22nd. Thereafter, the switch took place with Enköpings-Posten in mid-March. Östgöta Media was then ready to start in mid-April, and finally, the newspapers in Norrland (NK, NSD and PT) were moved. This took place on May 18, 2017. The entire project has been running as planned and held the set schedule. NTM runs the system as SAAS solution, but with a dedicated server, and all titles are in one database. Addition to Kayak, NTM has also Kayak Lite in use.