Jaicom AB hosted a user conference in Gothenburt on 18th and 19th of October. Almost all of our newspaper customers were represented and the event was highly appreciated.
About the program can be mentioned a presentation by CEO of Jaicom, Jorma Ainassaari. He talked about Jaicom’s roadmap concerning new GDPR data law, which will come into effect in spring of 2018. Jorma also told a bit about the new developments of the next generation of Kayak.

Compost, a Jaicom partner in Sweden, was invited to speak about its Carma system, which is integrated with Kayak. It enables newspapers to send mail and text messages among other things to their customers. Sending can happen with specific selections and event-triggered triggers.

 More than 1.6 million users in Sweden have signed up for Kivra in order to be able to receive their mail digitally. Large print supplier MediaService i Kristianstad and Samurajdata, partners to Jaicom, informed about the opportunity to send subscription invoices to customers via Kivra. 
A significant amount of time was also devoted to presenting and informing about new versions of Kayak and KayakLite, as well as reviewing features which customers are able to purchase.